Straofantasia Hong Kong

Working with the Hong Kong Tourism board, to help regenerate the tourism industry and confidence, after SARS to Hong Kong, we created a 360 degree Muti-Media event in Hong Kong Harbour, consisting of 3 shows a day, for 8 weeks, with a major worldwide campaign. A smaller version of the show toured the UK and USA.

The Strato-Fantasia is a 20-minute program that combined lasers and original soundtrack live action, film and pyrotechnics display, for the grand opening. The presentation extended to the nearby Golden Bauhinia Square, where aerialists and a dragon dance played and interacted with guests.

Our team working in Hong Kong, produced an exciting and unique carnival style event, which had some impressive technical aspects, such as the 360 degree video. The show had two elements, a water based element and a land based element, which included a children’s parade, a carnival and bungee aerial acts from hydraulic cranes. The show was crafted to tell a moving story about Hong Kong being a vibrant and exciting international city of the world. The theme for the show was “Live it Love it. Hong Kong”.

The location for this show was in front of the Hong Kong Convention Centre in Victoria Harbour, the same site that the Handover Ceremonies in 1997 took place.

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