Bespoke corporate party in Guildford

Merlin produced a bespoke day and evening event for a company celebration at the new Radisson Edwardian Hotel in Guildford. The event was themed around magic, mindreading and cabaret, culminating in a spectacular ‘La Chic’ cabaret show. On arrival the guests were treated to an amazing Mind Reading show performed by Doug Segal. He taught the guests how to read body language, how to tell if people were lying, how to predict lottery numbers and much more..

Doug Segal ‘I Know What You’re Thinking’

The room was then transformed into an elegantly draped cabaret venue in readiness for the evening’s show. Guests were wowed with the transformation, set off with a Mongolian contortionist bending as they entered the room. The show continued with guests remembering their worst Christmas presents, which were then revealed to have been predicted by Doug on a giant scroll encased in a tube inside a locked box that had been hanging from the ceiling all day. A standing ovation!

The cabaret continued with outstanding performances by Maybe Gaga and dancers, Amelie Soleil and her burlesque shows, Yana and her hula hoops, Arron Sparks and his fabulous Yo-Yo’s and even a section where one of the directors sawed his P.A. in half!

Amelie Soleil

Miss Amelie Soleil brought us ‘La Chic’

The show concluded with a hilarious set from Pete Firman followed by Gaga leading the guests onto the dance floor to party into the night. Apparently the best party they ever had!

Pete Firman's comedy magic


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